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Jaldhara 100MM Water Meter

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Specifications for Jaldhara 100MM Water Meter

Brand Jaldhara
Model No JWM100
Material of Body Cast Iron
Material Of Cap Ring, Nut, Nipple Brass
Material Of Mechanism ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature (Celsius) Up To 50
Operating Pressure Max. 16bar
Standards ISO 4064
Meter Class B
Warranty 1 Year
Application Domestic, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural
Meter size in MM 100MM
Overload flow Qmax (m3/h) 120
Nominal flow Qn (m3/h) 60
Transitional flow Qt (m3/h) 12
Min flow Qmin (m3/h) 1.8
Min reading (m3) 0.01
Max reading (m3) 999999
Length (mm) 250
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 275
Connecting thread D 220
Bolt Circle Dia D1 180
Connecting Bolt Dia. 8*M16
Weight Kg. 19